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Blogs of Michael Vahabi

Michael Vahabi

Michael Vahabi is an alumnus of McGill University with a degree in Food Science, and he brings a wealth of expertise to the Canadian food industry. With a robust background in product development, his career has encompassed a diverse range of culinary domains, including fresh prepared foods, frozen entrees, frozen bakery products, meats, meat analogues, and snack items.

21 December 2022

Umami Flavour: A Complete Guide to the Fifth Taste

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7 December 2022

8 Innovative Christmas Food Trends for 2022

It’s that time of year again: snow days, sleigh bells, mistletoe, and big family dinners. Christmas 2022 is on our doorstep. Read More

16 November 2022

Favourite Flavour Duos: 16 Classic Food...

Consumers purchase products and flock to restaurants in pursuit of the most delectable flavours. This all is to say that flavour is king. Read More

10 October 2022

14 Delicious Ideas for New Bacon Products

Bacon is a delicious and iconic staple that has remained a consumer favourite for generations. Read More

7 September 2022

Chilli Powder vs. Chile Powder: What’s the...

Have you found using chilli and chile interchangeably when talking about that fragrant red spice? Read More

24 August 2022

8 Food Industry Trends of 2022

Two difficult and turbulent years in the world have taught food developers and restaurants the importance of adaptability. Read More


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