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Blogs of Michael Vahabi

Michael Vahabi

Michael Vahabi is an alumnus of McGill University with a degree in Food Science, and he brings a wealth of expertise to the Canadian food industry. With a robust background in product development, his career has encompassed a diverse range of culinary domains, including fresh prepared foods, frozen entrees, frozen bakery products, meats, meat analogues, and snack items.

16 January 2024

Which Spices Are Good for Desserts?

In the world of desserts, sugar is just the beginning. After all, irresistible and delicious treats need more than just sweetness. They need complexity, depth, and spice. Yet, what spices are good for desserts? Read More

21 December 2023

Trend Forecast: 15 Food and Beverage Trends...

This decade has been full of substantial and exciting shifts in the food industry. Read More

5 December 2023

Spices 101: Basic Microbiology

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5 December 2023

Food Chemistry Basics: Everything You Need...

Recognizable by its vibrant yellow colour and unique taste, turmeric has become a popular ingredient... Read More

22 November 2023

Discovering Different Types of Cheese Around...

Cheese is a worldwide staple, beloved and revered across cultures. With more than a thousand varieties, you can quite literally find cheese everywhere. Read More

17 October 2023

16 Best Protein Sources for Vegans and...

“But where do you get your protein?” It’s the most common question asked of the vegan and vegetarian community. Read More


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