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Beverage Supply in Canada & the USA

Leading-Edge Beverage Development Beverage solutions produced for consumer satisfaction

Discover industry-leading beverage innovations combining authentic taste, exciting flavour combinations, and consistent quality in every sip. Hela Spice is leading beverage innovation to develop refreshing, indulgent, and nutritious ingredients. Explore our diverse ingredient portfolio for beverage solutions — from thirst-quenchers, meal-enhancers, and everyday staples, to dessert in a glass and healthy creations.

Our Beverage Solutions
Made for Signature Blends and Brews

From classics like hot chocolate powder to spiced teas and protein powder blends, we deliver all the beverage solutions you need in bulk-packaged dry mix blends. Taste the difference with our 30 years of unparalleled expertise in cost-effective ingredient application and blending. Find everything you need to create your signature drink and industry-leading beverage innovation.

Hela Spice beverages

Evolving Beverage

Driven by global market and consumer insight, we’re dedicated to meeting evolving consumer tastes and preferences for beverage products. Find your signature blend with our ingredient processing, flavour extraction, and blending capabilities to deliver classic and experiential ingredients. Combine innovation, increased efficiency, and convenience in our cost-effective bulk-packaged dry beverage mixes for reduced manufacturing complexity.

Flavour Systems and
Functional Ingredients

At Hela Spice, our mission is a delicious and flavorful blend every time. Mix and match our sweet and savoury extracts, syrups, concentrates, and juice crystals for a truly unique and diverse flavour and product profile. Explore taste modulation solutions for reducing sugar and improving mouthfeel, and introduce enzymes, proteins, and probiotics for increased nutritional value.

Beverage Formulation

With our unique blend of efficient and accurate blending facilities and talented beverage technologists and baristas, we deliver a complete beverage solution, from concept to commercialization. Discover beverage innovation built on sustainability and global consumer trends, with valuable insights expertly applied to formulations for refreshment, indulgence, health, and accessibility.

Beverages by Hela Spice

Tailored Beverage Product Development Solutions

Hela Spice beverage product concept

Product Concept

Let’s talk about signature blends and beverage innovations. Our turn-key product development solution spans from concept to commercialization — flavour formulation, blending, and convenient bulk dry mixes.

Hela Spice Beverage R&;D


Powered by consumer insights, flavour extraction, processing capabilities, taste modulation, and innovation solutions; we produce complete beverage blends that cater to diverse consumer trends and demands. Our commitment is consistent ingredient quality; delivering taste, quality, and value.

Hela Spice beverage production


Hela Spice supports the full product development cycle, from ingredient application and processing, to test production, bulk manufacturing, and constant optimization and innovation. We develop our blends with complete technical and culinary support tailored to the widest range of consumer-preferred beverage products.

Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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