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Protein Supplement Manufacturers in Canada & the USA

Only the best Vegetable and Animal based powdered and textured proteins. Quality-assured taste, great texture and satisfaction.

Complete ingredient application, product development, and market innovation solution.

Hela Spice is your protein partner. With our broad ingredient portfolio, expertly curated consumer insights, custom formulation expertise, and unparalleled processing capabilities, we help you deliver protein products that truly stand out beyond the essentials. Change the way you create and deliver best-selling protein innovations.

Protein Supplement Manufacturer

Consumer Insight

At Hela Spice, we know good food. We leverage our global market presence to deliver protein innovations crafted according to evolving consumer tastes, health goals, and value preferences.

Ingredient Sourcing and Sustainability

At Hela Spice, we are committed to great, sustainably and ethically sourced taste solutions. Deliver culinary excellence with our ingredient portfolio that reflects a shared commitment to quality and safety, fully transparent traceability, and food sustainability.

Turn-Key Protein Innovation Solution

Hela Spice is at the heart of best-selling proteins. Our turn-key protein product development support spans ingredient application and flavour system design, to processing and production. Reduce manufacturing complexity with our integrated spice and seasoning systems and functional components. Get everything you need to develop great-tasting, value-added protein and protein alternatives.

Protein Product Solutions

Integrated Flavour Infusion and Functionality 

Spice and seasoning mixtures

Spice and Seasoning Mixtures

With our custom formulation expertise, we deliver traditional and exotic spice and seasoning blends for a flavourful punch. Browse our selection of rubs, cures, marinades, and glazes tailored to various protein bases, and unlock endless culinary possibilities inspired by regional tastes and globally beloved flavours.

Texture and coating

Textures and Coatings

Serve quality, consistent texture for excellent sensory validation. Hela Spice develops texture and coating solutions customized to each protein. Taste the difference in improved mouthfeel, consistent visual appeal, and seal in authentic flavours and aromas for ultimate consumer satisfaction.

Functional ingredients

Functional Ingredients

Deliver true culinary excellence in long-lasting, stable shelf-life made possible by the finest functional ingredients. Optimize taste, nutrition, binding capabilities, and shelf-life preservation for long-lasting safety and quality.

Sauces and dressings

Sauces and Dressings

Enhance flavours with complementary textures, colours, and pops of contrast. Fuse unique flavour combinations that highlight the unique character of meat, poultry, seafood, and other proteins. Get custom-blended sauces and dressings to top off signature creations.

Protein Applications


Home to a world-class meat pilot plant and food chemistry and processing laboratories, Hela Spice offers a broad ingredient portfolio and taste profile for spice and seasoning mixtures, flavour systems, and shelf-life extenders. Create winning taste, texture, and sensory appeal, now available in economical and convenient meat ingredient blends.


Another global protein, you can’t go wrong with the endless possibilities of poultry. Explore novel flavour combinations and functional solutions to refine poultry products and deliver consistency in every bite. Browse our range of specially formulated spices and seasonings, flavour systems, and breadings and coatings made just for poultry products.


With specialized seafood processing capabilities and regulatory expertise we help ensure allergen-free formulation and excellence in seafood product manufacturing. From finely plated meals to canned solutions, transform fresh catch into true seafood delight, made possible by unparalleled flavour systems and functional components.


Cater to the growing appetite for healthy living and sustainable eating. Reimagine all the ways consumers love to eat their greens with all-new plant-based protein alternatives. We offer rapid product development and optimization to deliver protein innovation using the most popular plant-based sources, like soy, wheat, and chickpea. Meet evolving consumer demand for nature’s finest with sustainable and ethical sourcing, clean-label formulation, and leading-edge plant-based innovation.

Dairy Products

Tap into the versatility of proteins in dairy products. Optimize protein value in essentials like eggs, milk, yogurts, cheeses, and more. Browse our broad ingredient portfolio and explore flavour combinations and functional ingredients to deliver quality-assured dairy classics and protein innovations. Ask our product development experts about custom blends and premium processing technologies curated especially for dairy proteins.

Protein by Hela Spice

Quality-Assured Ingredient Application and Food Processing

Food Quality and Safety

Deliver protein products customers know and trust. Hela Spice operates according to the highest food quality and safety standards to eliminate contamination, allergens, and preservation challenges. From concept to commercialization, discover the Hela Spice difference in sustainable ingredient sourcing and application, and complete product development and regulatory expertise.

Constant Innovation

We don’t stop at the perfect protein. We’re on a never-ending path to protein product innovation. Our team of food scientists, taste technologists, and culinary experts maintain up-to-date ingredient knowledge and develop state-of-the-art food processing capabilities to consistently meet evolving consumer demand for sustainable, quality assured protein products.

Industry Of Leadership

With unparalleled consumer insight and trend forecasting, next-generation processing technologies, and broad protein expertise, we boldly lead protein innovation. Trust in our 100 years of Hela-assured quality and safety at the heart of countless protein best-sellers and tastemaking product solutions.

Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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