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14 Delicious Ideas for New Bacon Products

10 October 2022

Bacon is a delicious and iconic staple that has remained a consumer favourite for generations. It’s long been a classic choice for breakfast and burgers; however, there’s no reason to stop there.

There are endless ways to incorporate bacon into every meal of the day—snacks included! Furthermore, we encourage you to imagine new and exciting ways to enjoy this traditional product.

The food research and development team at Hela Spice is sharing a variety of enticing and creative ways to enjoy bacon. This includes snacks, desserts, toppings, and fresh flavour combinations.

From unique flavour opportunities to new products, welcome to the wonderfully wide world of bacon.

Bacon Snacks

1. Bacon chips

Think potato chips…but as bacon. This enticing and delectable snack is perfect for bacon lovers that want to eat their favourite food on the go. It’s shelf-stable, convenient, and packed with the same great bacon flavour you know and love.

Hela Spice has developed an effective and efficient method of transforming broken bacon ends into this bestselling snack. We rapidly dry the bacon ends, turning them into dry, flavourful chips. Furthermore, this process is customization friendly. By adding tasty topical seasonings, we can develop a unique product that appeals to your customers.

2. Bacon jerky

If you want to introduce a true showstopper to your existing product line, look no further than bacon jerky. This delicious snack combines the chewiness of jerky with the popular taste of bacon. Moreover, it’s a quick and convenient way for your customers to satisfy their hunger while on the go.

At Hela Spice, our state-of-the-art technology can produce delicious, shelf-stable bacon strips. We also carry a range of custom spice blends that add a distinctive flavour profile to your product.

3. Bacon bites

Bacon bites are small, dried cubes of bacon that provide a quick burst of deliciously flavoured protein. They are the perfect grab-and-go snack option.

As with all our snack options, these bacon bites can be adapted to suit the taste preferences of your core demographic. With our extensive seasoning blend options, it’s easy to create a custom sample for your brand.

Bacon as the Main Course

4. Bacon burgers

Who doesn’t love a couple of bacon slices on their burger? Well, why not kick it up a notch with a bacon patty? We recommend a zesty, BBQ-flavoured bacon burger made from coiled bacon bellies. This product will add new life to summer BBQs and help your customers earn their crowns as the neighbourhood grill master.

5. Stuffed bacon steak

This traditional European dish is ready to be adapted for North American consumers. After all, it combines two of North America’s favourite things: bacon and steak. Hela Spice can help you design the best bacon-wrapped stuffed steak for your company.

6. Bacon meatloaf

Meatloaf doesn’t have to be boring. Reinvent it with bacon. Imagine bacon trim on a hickory honey-glazed meatloaf! This is a cost-effective way to offer that wonderful bacon flavour to your customers in a convenient package.

Bacon for Dessert

7. Dipped candied bacon sticks

When you think about it, bacon is a natural contender for desserts. After all, candied bacon offers both a dessert-like sweetness with an enjoyable hint of bacon.

Dipped candied bacon sticks are a definitive fan-favourite. This treat combines chocolate and salted caramel with maple walnut and candied orange honey.

8. Bacon frozen treats

Use bacon bits to create a unique and enticing frozen treat. We’re talking about rocky road ice cream with meatless brown sugar and cinnamon-flavoured bacon pieces! Or, how about a frozen chocolate ice cream cone topped with candied meatless bits of bacon?

9. Bacon muffins and cakes

There’s no reason to exclude baked goods from the delicious influence of bacon. You can elevate autumn’s beloved pumpkin spice muffins with bacon and brown sugar, or infuse pumpkin pie with apple-flavoured bacon pieces. On the other hand, combine raspberry, white chocolate, and bacon flavourings to make a best-selling cheesecake.

Bacon Toppings

Finally, here are a few enticing ways you can use bacon as a topping for a wide variety of products.

10. Guanciale

This is a traditional bacon topping with a hearty black pepper crust.

11. Honeyed bacon crumble

Use this as a topping for traditional salt and pepper pork sausage.

12. Pizza bacon crumble

Add some red wine for a distinct and alluring flavour profile.

13. Cheddar cheese bacon crumble

This is the perfect addition to a hearty multigrain hamburger roll.

14. Apple, cinnamon, and ginger bacon crumble

A must-try! Sprinkle it on top of a butternut squash soup.

Explore the Many Flavours of Bacon

Our food research and development team is ready to help you bring distinct and attractive bacon flavours to your products. This is true whether you’re looking to invent the next great bacon-inspired snack or simply add a new and exciting taste to your existing sliced bacon product. You can trust our expert product developers to produce your next best-selling flavour.

If you’re intrigued but not sure where to start, then consider the following:

Bright and Flavourful

  • Honey-apricot bacon
  • Orange zest and pomegranate
  • Rosemary and apple cider
  • Grilled peach and toffee

Sweet and Smokey

  • Hickory-smoked caramel
  • Smoked cane sugar and black garlic
  • Peppercorn with applewood-smoked honey


  • Apple and porter ale
  • Honey bourbon bacon
  • Spicy chipotle tequila

At Hela Spice, our team members are experts when it comes to crafting best-selling flavour profiles. We create signature flavours that your customers will love by blending taste expertise, consumer insights, and leading technology. Contact us today to explore how you can add bacon to your product line.

To learn more about our food research and development, visit Hela Spice at www.helaspice.com or contact us here.

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