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Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility


Hela Spice has been producing and processing seasoning products for four generations. This has only been made possible due to our using resources with foresight and care. Throughout our history, openness and honesty, as well as a continuous sustainable mindset in the way we conduct business, is an essential part of our corporate culture. In this way, we combine measurable goals and targets with social and ecological responsibility towards people and nature.


  • Our production- and storage processes and facilities use floor vehicles with energy-saving lithium-ion technology
  • To avoid unnecessary waste by using recyclable materials more efficiently
  • Optimize packaging so that plastic content is reduced without compromising the safety, functionality and quality of the contents
  • For cardboard packaging, we rely on recycled material
  • Continuously improve energy-related services. Systematic energy management is critical to achieving reduced requirements
  • Energy efficient L.E.D. lighting in the facility
  • HVAC units have been updated with Energy Star Rated equipment
  • Electrical engineering reviews are in process that will characterize our consumption patterns and quantities
  • Improved insulation on the outside walls of our production facility that reduces the demand for heating and air conditioning
  • Replacing the older Research and Development Smokehouse with a new, more energy efficient smokehouse
  • Promoting “Work From Home” and online meetings to reduce vehicle emissions and need for additional administration space
  • Supply preference to Eco Vadis Approved Raw Material and Packaging Suppliers


For us, sustainable action means not only looking to outside factors, but also looking inside of our company for opportunities. Our employees are the core and potential of our family business. They are of fundamental importance for the production and marketing of our high-quality Hela Spice products. Motivation, satisfaction, respectful inter-action and trust are an essential part of Hela Spice’s daily work. As an internationally oriented company with offices all over the world, diversity management is one of our key growth factors. Naturally, through sustainable safety management and company health campaigns, we also ensure that potential accident risks at the workplace are minimized and the well-being of our employees at the workplace is promoted.

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