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Our Food Safety Program

Why Hela Spice Canada?

There are three words that perfectly capture the essence of why Hela Spice Canada is today’s pre-eminent choice for the highest quality raw spice and food ingredient blends:
Unparalleled Food Safety.

Why is our focus on food safety of such great importance?

Raw spices originate from developing nations where spices contain foreign materials. Very often they carry bacterial loads in the millions of cfu per gram. If left untreated by sterilization or irradiation they can potentially represent significant health hazards in the form of Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and others. This could also result in reduced shelf life in processed meats and increased risks of recalls, which could significantly damage a firm’s reputation. Other critical concerns are the growing techniques and standards of growers and suppliers. On top of all these issues, very often they also have not undergone food safety processes such as sifting or metal detection.

Food Safety Program

How do we ensure unequalled quality and unparalleled food safety?

Hela Spice Canada has developed an exhaustive and sophisticated system to ensure the highest standard of food safety.

Superior Suppliers – We begin with a rigorous selection of suppliers and distributors to ensure we start with only the finest quality of spices.

Specialized Treatments & Processes – To reduce potential food safety risks, our spices, ingredients and blends undergo various treatments and processes, such as irradiation, in-house micro testing, sifting and our proprietary A1-MetalCheck™ before we release the products to our customers.

The A1-MetalCheck™ is a Hela Spice Canada invention. Our powerful detection system technology uses rigorous statistical methods, enabling the predictive software to dramatically increase its resolution and detection capabilities. This significantly raises our ability to detect even the most minute ferrous, stainless steel and non-stainless metals, which cannot be found during regular metal detection processes. Incredibly, we find three to four such pieces each month, so the extra investment we’ve made in technology and time to perform this test is greatly appreciated by our clients. Even the tiniest metal fragments can cause serious injuries and therefore we do our utmost to eliminate them from the products that we sell to “You” our customers.

Food Safety at its best. Our commitment to you.

When considering your source for spices or food ingredients, doesn’t it make sense to choose a company that is as concerned about Food Safety as you are?

At Hela Spice Canada our unparalleled Food Safety program is undertaken with the utmost commitment, seriousness, care, and attention. We do not just offer spices or food ingredients:

We offer Food Safety at its best. And that’s in the best of taste!


BRC Food Certificated

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With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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