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Our Company - Food Product Manufacturer in Canada

Our main activity is the design and formulation of custom blends, spice mixtures and seasoning blends for the meat, poultry, vegetarian, bakery and other sectors of the food industry. For more information, visit our Hela Spice for Industry section.

Technical assistance is provided by highly trained and professional food industry experts. We have an on-site, up-to-date meat pilot plant, a food chemistry laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and blending facilities to compliment the nature of our service in the industry. We assist all customers through courses offered in meat technology, food ingredients, food
chemistry and microbiology of spices.

Food Ingredients Distributor

Making Good Food at the Greatest Value Possible
Food Safety, Sustainability, and Accessibility

Hela Spice is at the heart of good food: great taste at great value, consistent in every bite. Combining our broad ingredient portfolio and leading-edge processing technologies, we deliver consumer-preferred, value-added food product innovation.

At the core of our technical expertise, culinary excellence, and consumer knowledge is a commitment to deliver these, and more sustainably and inclusively. Create with Hela Spice — from concept to commercialization, with custom blending and tailored product development solutions guaranteed to nourish and delight with every bite.


At Hela Spice, we are built on meaningful production and consumption. Our ultimate goal is nourishment and health — that of consumers and the planet.

Our ingredient application and food processing capabilities are proudly backed by a clean-label guarantee: comprehensive ingredient traceability and provenance, so customers know — and trust — how their food was sourced and made for farm-to-table enjoyment.

Taste the difference in equally healthy and satisfying food: transparent and ethically sourced ingredients, energy-efficient and storage and blending facilities, eco-friendly smokehouse systems, systematic energy management, and optimized recyclable materials and packaging that maintain ingredient safety, functionality, and quality.

Our commitment to making good food possible is rooted in accessibility. For us, accessible food production and consumption begins with the technologies and processes we employ at every step of our turn-key ingredient application, custom blending, and product development solution.

From customer service and communication, to feedback and innovation, we strive to make every component of our products and services accessible and inclusive. Discover great-tasting solutions at the intersection of value and accessibility: clearly labelled ingredient formulations, convenient packaging, and adaptive processing technologies for full sensory validation.

Our mission is food that nourishes, sustains, and delights all — across communities of varying health and accessibility needs. Create good food with Hela Spice: innovative, convenient, and accessible to every consumer.

Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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