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Favourite Flavour Duos: 16 Classic Food Combos

16 November 2022

Consumers purchase products and flock to restaurants in pursuit of the most delectable flavours. This all is to say that flavour is king. If you want to entice your consumers, you must do it with flavour.

Combining ingredients is the ultimate way to create unique, memorable, and desirable flavour profiles. In fact, many of the flavours that we know and love are the results of winning food pairings.

In this article, we will overview 16 classic food combinations that consumers love.

Familiar Flavour Duos


Let’s face it; everyone loves chocolate. We love chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate milk, chocolate muffins, and chocolate cookies. We even add chocolate to our coffee (think about the mocha!). 

In the world of desserts and sweet treats, chocolate reigns supreme.

However, we also love to combine chocolate with other flavours. Here are some classic duos discovered in pursuit of the ultimate chocolate experience.

1. Peanut butter and chocolate

This is undeniably a famous and timeless combination. The nutty richness of the peanut butter balances the slightly bitter taste of the chocolate, creating an outstanding duo. 

Peanut butter and chocolate serve up comfort and nostalgia with every bite. Just think about the PB & chocolate ice cream!

2. Caramel and chocolate

Caramel and chocolate are another beloved combination. This tried-and-true duo is an easy choice if you’re craving something sweet. The chocolate cuts through the sweet, buttery richness of the caramel, which results in a balanced and delicious experience.

3. Caramel and sea salt

This duo is the ultimate sweet-and-salty combination. It’s a great example of how opposites attract. 

Caramel is incredibly sweet—almost too sweet to be palpable by some consumers. However, when paired with the sharpness of sea salt, it becomes a crowd-pleasing favourite.

4. Chocolate and cayenne

Sweet-and-salty is one classic duo. Sweet and spicy is another. Adding a hot pepper like cayenne to chocolate elevates the flavour profile of the chocolate.

These ingredients also bring out each other’s richness.


Combining different types of fruit allows you to create enticing and complex flavours while still maintaining a fresh and fruity palette. These pairings are used across the food industry, particularly in spring and summer. 

From beverages to hard candies to salad dressings and desserts, these famous fruit duos cannot be beaten.

5. Apple and sour

Sour apple is another top flavour combination. It appears in everything from candy to alcoholic beverages. 

Some consumers may shy away from sour flavours; however, many are lifelong fans of this tart duo.

6. Strawberry and banana

Some flavours are meant to go together, like strawberry and banana. But why, though? 

Both are very sweet, but bananas are creamy and mellow, while strawberries are tart and sharp. Together, they’re balanced and delicious.

7. Pineapple and coconut

This is a wonderful tropical combination. It works because the pineapple’s acidity is toned down by the fattiness of the coconut. 

The most obvious example of a pineapple-coconut duo is the Pina Colada cocktail. And if you don’t like getting caught in the rain, it also works in desserts.

8. Kiwi and watermelon

Kiwi and watermelon both have a sweet and sour flavour. However, kiwis are also tart, tangy, and slightly acidic. Watermelons, on the other hand, can be slightly bitter. 

When you add these two fruits together, the result is a clear winner. It can be applied to sweet or savoury recipes such as salsa, cocktails, or sweet treats.


So far, we have mostly covered sweet-oriented flavour combinations. The world of savoury dishes and products, however, has many classic duos of its own.

9. Tomato and basil

Tomato and basil are one of the most commonly used pairings. In fact, they are a centrepiece of Italian cuisine (for instance, Caprese salad, tomato sauce). The acidity and tartness of the tomato find balance alongside the fresh sweetness of basil. 

10. Chicken and lemon

Meat and fruit pairings are a classic combination. For example, the sweetness of lemon brings out the flavour of the chicken. The end result is a delicious and zesty dish.

Sweet and Savoury

In cuisine, as in life, opposites attract. These unlikely pairings have become such fan favourites that it’s hard to imagine them flying solo.

11. Ham and pineapple

Everyone has an opinion on whether ham and pineapple belong together. Consequently, it may be the most controversial pairing today. It’s also another example of how meat and fruit work together.

12. Maple and bacon

What do you get when you pair salty bacon with sweet maple? An instant hit. This combination is the definition of sweet and savoury. As a result, it’s used in desserts, snacks, and savoury recipes.

Seasonal Flavour Duos

13. Pumpkin and spice

The only duo more iconic than pumpkin and spice is pumpkin spice and autumn. At this point, the fall season and pumpkin spice are inseparable. 

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pies, this is one flavour combination that consumers love.

14. Apple and cinnamon

This is another autumn favourite, reminiscent of cozy and warm feelings as temperatures begin to drop. 

Think apple pies and baked goods. However, to be fair, apple and cinnamon are a beloved duo all year long.

15. Chocolate and peppermint

Like apples and cinnamon, there is no wrong time of year for chocolate and peppermint. 

After all, mint chocolate ice cream and treats are always available. However, the holiday season brings a new wave of mint chocolate products and recipes.

16. Strawberry and lemon

Strawberry lemonade: need we say more? This refreshing duo is the perfect way to enjoy warm summer days. These two are an absolutely sublime pair.

Choose a Favourite Flavour Duo

At Hela Spice, we expertly pair flavours to develop signature sweet, salty, and savoury snacks for your brand. 

Every best-selling snack starts with the best ingredients. That’s why we use the highest-quality ingredients to create our winning flavour profiles.

Furthermore, we combine consumer insights with technology solutions to tailor your new snack product to the preferences of your consumer. For any questions about food product development. Please reach out!

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