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Food Product Development Course

Supporting Product Innovation Through Technical Expertise and Culinary Excellence with
Tailored Product Development, Regulatory, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance Support

For taste that evolves and grows — with consumer trends, sustainability measures, and production innovations, Hela Spice constantly reimagines how we’re shaping the future of food.

Training and Technical Support

At Hela Spice , we’re always looking towards the future of food, from ingredient sourcing and application to production and consumption. We spent the last 100 years perfecting the Hela Spice-assured quality. Now, we’re scaling for the next 100 through constant learning and innovation.

From new ingredients and processing techniques to blending and packaging equipment, and all-new flavour profiles, we are leading a revolution of taste, value, and nutrition — and we’re taking you along for the journey.

Hela Spice training and technical support

Trained by Hela Spice . Trained for Excellence.

Tailored Training and Support for World-Class Food Innovation

Good food is built on shared values. At Hela Spice, we created an ecosystem of partnerships with food scientists, processing experts, suppliers, and most importantly, you. Together, we’re shaping the future of food.

Hela Spice offers world-class training and technical support to build your capacity for delivering customer satisfaction in every bite. Develop your food product portfolio with quality ingredients and food processing innovations. Scale product development and regulatory compliance for maximum consumer value.

The Hela Spice Training Program

Our Training Services and Resources

Hela Spice regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We built 100 years of quality assurance and safety. Now, we’re sharing our knowledge with you. Our expertise in regulatory compliance prepares you for excellence in food quality and safety as required by industry regulations.

We deliver training expertly tailored to your product portfolio and market, providing specialized knowledge and support across food product segments and specialized ingredients. Our turn-key regulatory solution seamlessly integrates R&D, manufacturing, packaging, and all other key processes for product quality, and consumer safety and satisfaction.

Browse our regulatory compliance knowledge areas:

  • Ingredient declarations and allergen profiles
  • Packaging label design
  • Raw material information
  • Nutritional reports
  • Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO, and organic certifications
  • Food safety, and more.
Food products

Technical Services

Keep production in line and on target. Grow your product portfolio and market footprint from concept to commercialization. Scale your capacity to meet customer demand and deliver consumer value with quality, efficient, and timely production. Hela Spice can help.

We offer technical support across the production cycle, from ingredient selection and custom formulation to product development, market adoption, and troubleshooting. Built into our technical solutions is a forward-thinking approach to capacity building that ensures constant innovation of manufacturing processes to generate value-added products.

Tap our technical expertise in:

  • Equipment setup and support
  • Product and processing line development
  • Representative sample production at the Hela Spice meat pilot plant
  • Processing line efficiency and waste assessments
  • On-site training on processing and manufacturing.
Functional ingredients
Hela Spice technical services
Hela Spice food quality and safety

Food Quality and Safety

At Hela Spice, we live by the two basic ingredients of good food: quality and safety. Our 100-year Hela Spice-assured quality standard is upheld across our supplier base, meat pilot plant, food chemistry and microbiology laboratories, and food processing facilities.

We’re here to help you do the same across your supply chain management, storage, manufacturing, and food service processes. The Hela Spice food quality and safety program begins with an audit and needs assessment, gradually scaling your capacity for quality-assured production, distribution, and food service.

We can conduct both domestic and international audits and training to meet ingredient compliance and quality and safety standards across consumer markets. Deliver the best, safest food products guided by our quality and safety program:

  • Receiving, storage, and shipping processes review
  • Food safety microbiology analysis
  • Food processing and manufacturing equipment review and training
  • Finished product testing and documentation
  • Quality system documentation
  • Sanitation, pest control, and product contamination mitigation
  • Product recall management.
Beverage solutions

Product Development Support

Know your food — from the science behind every ingredient to culinary trends, and evolving consumer priorities. Hela Spice offers ongoing product development training and support to guide your every creation.

Our integrated food science, culinary, sensory science, and health and nutrition training spans all the key components of successful product development and increased consumer value.

Explore the latest global food trends and flavour preferences, and learn leading-edge cooking techniques for chef-inspired culinary excellence. Discover new ingredients and their applications, and pairings with custom formulations for sensory appeal. Deliver healthy, nutritious food products that nourish, sustain, and delight across your consumer base.

Consumer Insight

The true test of good food all comes down to customer satisfaction. Engage representative customer segments to utilize consumer tastes and preferences in informing product development, all the way to sales and marketing.

Our team of food scientists, chefs, product development experts, and consumer insight specialists can help you assemble a test panel composed of sample customers. Give a taste of new recipes, ingredient blends, and culinary creations to evaluate key values like taste, nutrition, and value, and generate valuable information to guide future innovation.

Functional ingredients
Hela Spice product development support

Train With Hela Spice

Industry Learning for Food Innovation

You have the perfect product idea or the complete package — now, what? Hela Spice is here to support your never-ending journey towards culinary excellence and consumer value.

Book your Hela Spice training sessions today. Learn from industry experts as you build your flavour profile and product portfolio, work to meet quality assurance and safety standards, and deliver customer satisfaction.

Hela Spice identifies your needs

Identify Your Needs

Tell us about the current challenges you face, whether regulatory or technical, concerning quality and safety, or generating value-added products and market demand. We offer training and support across the food product development cycle to scale your capacity for excellence in food quality and safety, product innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Global knowledge

Tailored Training Sessions

Our training and support programs are tailored to your specific challenges and goals, industry requirements, and production volume. Led by industry experts, these custom-tailored courses are designed to equip you with cutting-edge technical and practical expertise, and accurate, up-to-date standards to guide innovations on crucial processes and techniques. We can deliver training sessions on-site at our Innovation Center or your location.

Industry solutions
Hela Spice tailored training sessions
Hela Spice’s ongoing support

Ongoing Support

At Hela Spice, we believe in cultivating long-term partnerships. We’re here for you for as long as you need us. We offer ongoing troubleshooting and training to support your product development and provide insights on key developments in ingredient applications, food production processes, regulatory standards, and consumer trends. Our promise is a partnership of growth for as long as food production and consumption evolve.

Hela Spice product development beyond flavour
Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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