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9 Delightful Fall Spices to Use This Autumn

24 October 2022

Autumn has arrived! That means cool nights, brisk mornings, colourful leaves, holiday festivities, and the return of everyone’s favourite beverage: the pumpkin-spiced latte (PSL).

Pumpkin spice has become the ultimate autumn flavour. Every fall, its distinct taste and attractive aroma take over coffee shops and grocery stores far and wide. However, pumpkin spice is not the only spice you should be paying attention to this season.

There are actually many wonderfully warm and cozy spices that are perfectly suited for autumn. These spices can be used on their own or combined to create a delightful spice blend that’s rich in fall feelings. 

Any of the following spices listed in this article are ideal for creating autumn-themed products or autumn versions of your bestsellers. Furthermore, these spices can be used to craft custom autumn spice blends, which consumers can then use for their own special, homemade creations.

Top Autumn Spices

1. Allspice

If you were to combine cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, you would get something that smells and tastes a lot like allspice. In fact, this is the recipe for many at-home allspice recipes. However, true allspice is not a spice blend, but a single ingredient seasoning made from a dried berry.

2. Cardamom

This spice is a staple of Indian cuisine and well-suited for the fall season. It is warm and aromatic, making it a fantastic choice for those cool autumn days. Cardamom is a great addition to holiday baked goods like shortbread and gingerbread.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon should be an obvious choice for autumn. After all, the days are getting cooler and the holidays are fast approaching! This mildly sweet spice is an excellent addition to a wide range of both sweet and savoury dishes. For example, add it to baked goods, curries, and oatmeal for a wonderful warming quality.

4. Cloves

Clove is one of those classic fall spices. It’s also something of a jack-of-all-trades in the spice world. You can often find it in sweet breads, vegetables, chocolate, and flavoured coffee.

5. Ginger

Warming spices begin to make their reappearances in autumn. That includes ginger! This pungent spice adds a powerful warmth and zest to sweet and savoury dishes. However, ginger is an obvious choice for baked goods such as gingerbread.

6. Mulling spice

This spice blend is a popular cold-weather choice. Mulling spice is warm, sweet, and peppery, making it ideal for cool nights. Furthermore, its complex and distinct flavour profile establishes mulling spice as one of the ultimate holiday spice blends. It’s most commonly used to create spiced wines, hot ciders, and juices.

Mulling spice typically consists of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg. However, some recipes also include star anise, peppercorn, or cardamom.

7. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is another classic holiday spice that is popular throughout autumn and winter. Its flavour profile is warm, sweet, and spicy. Use it in pies and other baked goods, as well as for sauces and vegetables.

8. Star anise

If you’re a fan of licorice, then star anise is your spice. This spice is native to southern China and offers a hint of licorice. It’s commonly used in some baked goods, soups, sauces, and braised meats.

9. Pumpkin spice

It’s impossible to talk about autumn spices without touching on pumpkin pie spice, or simply, pumpkin spice.

In recent years, autumn has nearly become synonymous with pumpkin spice. Summer ends, the leaves change colour, you buy a pumpkin, and you stop by the local coffee shop to get a PSL. It’s fall in a nutshell.

Pumpkin spice combines some of the classic autumn spices listed above. To make pumpkin spice, all you have to do is blend cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves. (Notice how there’s no pumpkin?) Of course, you can also customize the recipe.

The most obvious use for pumpkin spice is, naturally, a pumpkin spice latte. This beverage has become a defining part of autumn for many consumers. Our fascination (or obsession) with PSLs has spurred a whole industry of pumpkin-spiced products. For example, there are now pumpkin spice skin products, candles, and cosmetics.

Given its popularity, pumpkin spice is a natural addition to other food products. It’s a simple way to add a delightful autumn flair to seasonal products and holiday specials. Furthermore, premade pumpkin spice blends make it easy for consumers to create their own pumpkin-spiced treats.

Create a Custom Fall Spice Blend With Hela Spice

The departure of summer ushers in the season of warming and fragrant spices. These are the spices that keep you cozy on a frosty autumn night or remind you of cheerful holiday festivities.

Allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and star anise are the spices we typically associate with autumn. They can be used on their own or combined to create a distinctly fall blend like mulling spice or pumpkin spice.

This autumn, use these spices to create your own delightful fall spice blend or autumn product. Hela Spice’s expert team is ready to craft your next bestselling fall flavour. If you have any questions related to food product development. Feel free to reach out!

To learn more about our spice blends at Hela Spice, visit us at www.helaspice.com or contact us here.

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