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Custom Spice Blending in Canada & the USA

Custom-blended signature flavours
Leading the taste revolution with custom formulated flavour systems

Flavour truly is king. Good food is rich in mouthwatering flavours — the perfect blend of seasonings and spices simmered to perfection. From earthy tones to decadent delights, deliver regional and global flavours in your signature creations. Find all these ingredients in one place, and create value-added, consumer-preferred food products.

Hela Spice specializes in custom blending: countless classic and never-before-tasted fusion flavours, delivered straight to your product line. Discover an assortment of flavours and aromas — and create your own best-selling blend of the world’s finest spices, seasonings, functional ingredients and more.

Custom blending flavours

Find Your Flavour:Culinary Solutions by Hela Spice

At Hela Spice, we believe that the secret to good food is simple: the perfect blend of flavours, texture, and sensory appeal. Now, you can blend your own with our custom blending expertise.

Our team of food scientists and culinary experts know — and love — good food. Together, we deliver flavour explosions in every bite. We offer the latest in food processing technology and keen consumer insight to blend your signature custom flavours. Get all the ingredients you need to create best-selling food products, now made just for you.

Expert Formulation

At Hela Spice, we’re as bold as our favourite flavours. Our mission is an unforgettable experience in every bite. The Hela Spice-proofed quality is built on over 100 years of custom formulation and blending of the most in-demand and innovative functional ingredients, seasonings, and spices. Each of our custom blends is backed by food science, advanced blending and packaging equipment, ingredient quality assurance controls, and our own refined tastes.

Consumer Insight

Sweet, spicy, savory or salty — we know what your customers want, and we’re here to help you deliver it. From meat and poultry, to vegetarian diets and baked goods. Our custom blends, spice mixtures, and seasonings are designed and formulated with deep customer insight and trend forecasting. Hela Spice looks towards global consumer markets to understand regional tastes and curate flavours that delight across the globe.

The Science Behind Spices

Food is a science. We started our journey by breaking down food down to its core ingredients to perfect every spoonful. The result is consistent, 100-year Hela Spice-proofed quality you can always trust. And we haven’t stopped. We are continuously refining our technical and culinary expertise at our on-site, up-to-date meat pilot plant, food chemistry and microbiology laboratories, and blending facilities to satisfy every craving.

The science behind spices

Cook with Hela Spice: Our Custom Blend Solutions

Hela Spice delivers your signature flavour profile. Discover the perfect blend of spices, seasonings, and functional ingredients that make for great, in-demand flavours. Taste the difference with our expertly formulated custom blends created with state-of-the-art food processing equipment, quality-assured ingredients, and culinary artistry.

Hela Spice custom ingredient blends

Custom Ingredient Blends

Delight your customers in every bite. Launch your signature flavours with the perfect mix of seasonings, spices, and functional ingredients created just for you. Cater to every customer’s taste preferences, health and nutritional needs, and culture with our ingredient blends. Discover our custom blends for meat, poultry, bakery goods, and all customer favourites:

  • Spice and herb blends
  • Binding agents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Taste enhancers
  • Natural flavour extracts
  • Antioxidants
  • Antimicrobial agents
  • Food colouring.
Food products

Ready-to-Use Blends

At Hela Spice, we are constantly optimizing food processing efficiency and customer satisfaction. We offer the best of both signature flavour and convenience in our ready-to-use spice mixtures and seasoning blends. Create the same memorable taste, multi-sensory appeal, and chef-inspired creation in every scoop, every time, expertly curated according to your trademark profile. See our on-the-go kitchen creations in action:

  • Consistent taste, texture, colour, and other sensory characteristics
  • Ease of inventory management and quality control
  • Reduced prep times
  • Optimized ingredient quantities.
Functional ingredients
Hela Spice ready-to-use blends
Hela Spice ingredient innovation

Ingredient Innovation

At Hela Spice, we are always reimagining the best way to develop signature flavours. Our passion for the future of food has led to various culinary innovations. Now, we have expanded our offerings to include custom blending for specialized ingredients that elevate your flavour profile and meet evolving customer preferences for core food products. Discover our selection of specialized ingredients:

  • Textured soy protein
  • Textured pea protein
  • Textured wheat protein
  • Natural preservatives.
Beverage solutions

Beyond Flavour: Total Food Quality

Hela Spice offers more than custom blending. Throughout our 100 years — and counting — of food processing, product development, and taste optimization, we have constantly reimagined the way we develop custom blends for essential spices, seasonings, and functional ingredients.

Today, we are leading culinary innovation to deliver all the flavours you know and love — and those you’re yet to discover. See what makes us Hela Spice — trusted by the foodservice industry, partners in food processing, and certified in regulatory compliance:

Hela Spice foodservice solutions

Foodservice Solutions

Hela Spice is a leader in custom blending. Simply, our custom blends make good food possible across foodservice settings. From food manufacturers to retail and hospitality channels, we have successfully cultivated trusted partnerships for culinary innovation and market adoption. Our custom blend spices, seasonings, and functional ingredients are at the core of the most in-demand menu segments, spanning appetizers, soups, salads, and sides, to entrees, desserts, bakery goods, beverages, and more.

Global knowledge

Technical Support

At Hela Spice, our renowned, best-selling custom blends are just the beginning. Our work does not stop at blending your new flavour profile. We are always looking for new ways to fuse flavours, experiment, and develop the next culinary wonder. We are tastemakers in every sense, offering product development, customer service, and technical support to help refine your signature creations and meet increasingly sophisticated consumer demand for authentic, nutrient-rich flavours.

Industry solutions
Hela Spice technical support
Hela Spice food safety and heart-healthy

Food Safety and Heart-Healthy

Good food is clean food. Hela Spice follows the highest standards in custom blending and food processing to deliver high-quality, healthy, and safe food. We are committed to maintaining regulatory compliance through simplified, allergen-proof manufacturing, quality and freshness standards, and optimal food processing conditions. Ultimately, our mission is clean, healthy eating, made possible by transparent and ethical component sourcing, reduced fat, salt, and sugar content, and a commitment to food integrity.

Hela Spice product development beyond flavour
Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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