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Snack Ingredient Supplier in Canada & the USA

Made for In-Between Meals and Quick Bites Sweet and Savoury Snack Creations

Hela Spice has a long history in Canada’s salty and savoury snack food industry. We bring a wealth of food processing capabilities, ingredient knowledge and applications, and unparalleled consumer insight into developing consumer-preferred snacks and treats. Discover unrivaled snack product innovation with refreshed flavours, improved functional components, and long-lasting quality.

Hela Spice sweet and savoury snack creations

Taste and Technology

Hela Spice brings expertise in extrusion, topical application, and stuff, bake, and slice technologies to snack food product development. Explore our portfolio of topical spice and seasoning blends, internal functional ingredients, and flavours for endless snack food innovations.

Unparalleled Consumer

Satisfy every craving across global and regional markets. Hela Spice serves curated ingredient and flavour profiles expertly analyzed and tailored to consumer preferences and market performance. Discover a new way to delight customers — and disrupt the industry — with snack products made for every consumer location and preference, and optimized for maximum sensory validation and satisfaction.

Nutrition and Regulatory

All the favourite, best-selling snacks, now made smart and healthy. Consumers trust snacks they know — made with simple, recognizable, and quality-assured ingredients backed by clear and clean provenance. Invite healthy indulgence and appetite satisfaction with nutritionally optimized snack foods. Trust our nutrition and regulatory expertise to deliver high-protein, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and allergen-free snack food ingredients made only with natural flavours, colours, and preservatives.

Snacks by Hela Spice

Tailored Snack Product Development Solutions

Hela Spice product concept

Product Concept

Let’s talk snacks: sweet, salty, or savoury concepts, consumer preferences, and market goals. We offer complete product development expertise, from unparalleled processing technology to consumer-preferred taste, nutrition, and value.

Hela Spice snack food R&D


Browse our selection of snack food ingredients, flavour systems, and nutritional optimization solutions. With combined technical expertise and consumer insight into global snack food trends, we help you develop signature sweet, salty, and savoury treats consistent in every bite.

Hela Spice snack food production


From ingredient selection and processing, to test production and full-scale manufacturing, Hela Spice supports every step of your snack food product development. Get the best of taste, quality, nutritional value, and long-lasting quality made with the finest ingredients and processing technology. Maintain innovation with constant quality assurance testing, analysis, and optimization.

Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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