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Meat Processing Ingredients

Exceptional Meat Innovation Cure, Season, Spice, and Flavour your Meat Products with Hela Spice

As a global leader in meat product development, we’ve seen all the ways meat has been spiced, cooked, and enjoyed throughout decades.

Discover our unparalleled combination of technical expertise and taste. Find all the ingredients you need to create best-selling meat products — from flavour systems and spice and seasoning blends, to textures and coatings, shelf-life extenders, and other functional ingredients.

Exceptional meat innovation

Made for Meat

At Hela Spice, we’re guided by our strong, broad-based ingredient knowledge. We know all the secrets to quality meat, and how to elevate taste and quality for successful market adoption of the latest food trends. See meat product innovation as it happens at our meat pilot plant and food processing laboratories built on breakthroughs in food technology and the culinary industry.

Flavour Infusions

Browse our portfolio of market-leading ingredients, and develop signature creations with our classic and fusion flavour systems. Taste the difference in our spice and seasoning mixtures and custom blends made for meat. Grill, smoke, and cook to perfection with our signature custom cures, rubs, marinades and more in convenient economical blends for guaranteed product integrity and maximum savings.


Meat products that stand the test of time, and consistency in every unit — that’s the Hela Spice guarantee. Start meat product development the right way — built on clean label standards, with improved yield, enhanced water, fat, and protein binding, and consistent qualities like colour, texture, and taste over maximum shelf-life. Add the Hela Spice-assured seal to your meat products, certified for the highest quality and safety.

Meat by Hela Spice

Tailored Meat Product Development Solutions

Meat product concept

Product Concept

Tell us about your meat product, current challenges, and market goals. We find the right combination of flavour systems,custom blends, and functional components to deliver.

Meat R&D


Only the finest ingredients and processing techniques make it through our suppliers, food chemistry and microbiology laboratories, meat pilot plant, and test kitchen. With constant innovation and the highest food quality and safety standards, your meat product only gets better, tastes richer, and keeps longer.

Meat production


Let’s take your meat product to market. We deliver samples and all the ingredients to your manufacturing facility, and provide support throughout the process. Our guarantee is consistent taste, texture, and shelf-life in every unit of bulk dry mixes, stand-up pouches, or bags-in-a-box. Keep customers happy with constant quality assurance testing and analysis, and ongoing food product development support.

Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

Get in Touch

Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.