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Bakery Ingredient Suppliers in Canada & the USA

Best-in-class bread and baked goods Innovating Bakery Production and Manufacturing

Behind each baked good is excellence in ingredient selection and flavour application, baking technology, and cost-effective innovation. Hela Spice brings these to your baked goods, and more.

Whether your baking niche is in the everyday breads and buns, savoury treats, or sweet indulgence, find everything you need to deliver value-added baking innovation. Develop consumer favourite baked good products based on global food trends, increased processing efficiency, improved nutritional value, and quality-assured freshness.

Hela Spice bakery production and manufacturing


The finest breads, buns, and patisserie treats are all about consistent taste and texture. From classic baked goods to decadent creations, we deliver an unparalleled flavour profile of sweet and savoury extracts and taste modulation components.

Nutrition and

Satisfy every craving — from staple baked goods to sweet tooth cravings packed with nutritional value and consistent quality. Deliver innovative baked goods with gluten-free, high-fibre, and high-protein ingredient formulations, while maintaining signature taste, texture, and appearance. Bake with our range of emulsifiers, enzymes, and food protection and fermentation functional ingredients for improved shelf-life, superior dough handling, and consistent shape, volume, and airy lightness.

Improved Ideation and
Product Quality

Cater to consumer demand for satisfyingly filling, nutrient-enriched baked goods. Unlock global and regional trends, and deliver improved sensory qualities and leading-edge baked good staples and patisserie creations. From our ingredient portfolio and food chemistry labs to specialized baking equipment like static and convection ovens, quick-freezing chambers, mixer flat beaters, texture analyses, leavening chambers and more, increase processing efficiency and baking quality.

Baked Goods by Hela Spice

Tailored Bakery Product Development Solutions

Hela Spice product concept

Product Concept

Tell us about your manufacturing and baked goods. We offer complete product development support, from flavour profile and functional ingredients to technical expertise in nutrition optimization and quality assurance.

Hela Spice R&D


Experience innovation at its finest with our ingredient application and processing capabilities. Explore unique flavour formulations, nutrition optimization, and consumer trends for leading-edge baked goods production.

Hela Spice product development solution


The Hela Spice promise is a complete product development solution. From test kitchen samples to full-scale manufacturing, we deliver all the ingredients and processing capabilities you need to innovate bakproduction according to increased efficiency standards and evolving consumer trends.

Quality Assure

With more than 100 years of experience

in handling food, quality and sustainability are an integral part of our philosophy

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Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.