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Journey with us as we explore a range of products that are sure to delight consumers with exciting and traditional BBQ products with an added Hela twist.

The Hela R&D Team has looked to the home of BBQ – Memphis – and selected a range of exciting and mouthwatering meal components. With our creativity and technical capability, they can be produced so that consumers can enjoy this traditional Restaurant BBQ experience at home.

In this newsletter, we will discuss what to look for in a product development partner to develop new products, how to plan for it, what an optimal plan could look like and what to expect.

Food industry trends
Custom spice blends


Own the grill with Hela

  • We will be covering great products ranging from delicious and innovative appetizers, to centre of the plate proteins, to side dishes and even desserts
  • We will be looking at pork, beef, chicken, turkey, veggie protein, grilled vegetables, dairy, bakery, sauces and desserts and in all these product categories we have selected and created products using a mix of successful with new and enticing ideas
  • Hela Spice Canada has the capability to adjust these recipes to make them specifically your own using custom flavours, visuals and textures
  • We also have all of the ingredients, equipment and knowledge to help you get to market quickly and capture your share of this rapidly growing market
Restaurant BBQ at home


A great appetizer sets the stage for a great meal. We have selected a few delicious restaurant style appetizers that are as interesting as they are delicious.

Tempting products to drive sales:

  • Grilled carrot covered in a mouth-watering coating of brown sugar, smoked paprika and ginger
  • Smoked pork chips enhanced with a BBQ dry rub
  • Fried smoked gouda, breaded with a light crust and presented with a basil pesto marinara
  • Golden fried onion ring with BBQ seasoned breading
  • Fried green tomatoes in a light flour breading

Dipping Sauces, Marinades & Rubs – Easy and Flavourful Traditional Products:

  • Smoky BBQ
  • Cajun
  • Buffalo
  • Honey Garlic
  • Lemon Pepper


Using a combination of fresh, partial cooking, marinading, and sauce-base-in-bag, Hela Spice Canada can advise you on the many ways these pork entrees can be provided to your consumers so they can enjoy all of the eating experience.

  • Double basted rack of baby back ribs in a molasses, ginger and plum BBQ sauce
  • Whole pork shoulder, pulled and smoked with a balsamic honey glaze
  • A dry rubbed BBQ bologna steak sandwich
  • Fresh or smoked pork sausages
  • Traditional jalapeno and cheddar
  • BBQ kielbasa
  • Woodfire smoked BBQ pork loin in a honey bourbon marinade

We can help you develop food products that meet your customers’ wants for the next BBQ season.


Looking at traditional restaurant beef BBQ, it can be time consuming and difficult to make at home. Using rubs, glazes, sauce bases for cook-in-bag and marinades, Hela Spice Canada has made it easy for home preparation.

  • Smoked beef brisket, cook–n bag
  • Beef burnt ends in a wonderful honey, butter and spicy BBQ sauce
  • How about a Montreal smoked meat beef brisket?
  • Burgers, of course – always many different burgers
  • Bacon bit and cheddar cheeseburger
  • Smoked beef burger with dry rub seasoning
  • Korean BBQ beef burger (not traditional, but delicious)
  • Smoked beef short ribs with a delicious dry rub
  • Churrasco style beef roast, ready for the oven

Easy to produce and adds great value! We have developed many great tasting beef BBQ products. We would be glad to assist, wherever we can help.


Chicken and turkey products have long been a staple of restaurant BBQ”menus. Hela Spice Canada hás researched various menus and customer reports and selected a range of excellent poultry products that will delight customers and drive sales.


  • Memphis style jumbo smoked wings with a dry rub made of brown sugar, smoked paprika and cumin
  • Portuguese style smoked whole chicken
  • Hickory smoked whole drumsticks flash fried


  • Brined and smoked turkey breast with honey orange glaze
  • Jumbo smoked turkey wings in BBQ sauce
  • Cherrywood smoked turkey thighs

Easy to produce and adds great value! We have developed many great tasting beef BBQ products. We would be glad to assist, wherever we can help.


If we can step outside of the traditional BBQ offerings for a moment, we would ask you to consider some great vegetarian or non-meat BBQ options that honour the original BBQ products. Hela Spice Canada has the knowledge and experience to create and help you produce these in-demand new products.

  • Black bean burger filled with grilled corn, brown rice and chili peppers
  • Vegan spicy kielbasa style sausage, perfect for grilling
  • Allergen free prime rib style patty, filled with fried onions and vegan cheddar
  • Vegan shredded pork style sandwich, smothered in a sour cherry/mustard BBQ sauce

If you want to explore options for vegetarian BBQ options that grill like real meat, contact us and we will be able to help.


A true BBQ is not constrained to just meat products. Hela Spice Canada has developed some delicious items that are sure to compliment an excellent BBQ meal at home.

  • Mac and Cheese made with smoked cheddar and smoky bacon pieces
  • Steak seasoned topping butter to add just that little extra “wow” to your BBQ steaks
  • Smoky applewood BBQ cheese dip

A great new way to add value and eating opportunities for dairy products in a BBQ setting.


Every good BBQ has the protein course and side dishes that add that special something to make the meal special. These vegetable offerings are compliments that make the meal memorable.

Side Dishes

  • Every true BBQ should have a dill pickle slaw made from red and green cabbage, sweet onions, mayo and dill pickles
  • A delicious corn bread made with charred corn kernels, red pepper pieces and a hint of salted caramel
  • Fried potato wedges dusted with a smoky BBQ spice
  • Corn fritters made with jalapeno, corn pieces and chives
  • BBQed corn on the cob augmented with a delicious seasoned butter
    • Aromatic rosemary & beet
    • Steak spice butter
    • Toasted onion & bacon
    • Spicy buffalo & blue cheese
    • Wild mushroom and spring onion

Hela Spice Canada has many specialized dry rubs, seasoning blends and even custom seasoned oils available to add taste and profit to your vegetables.


After finishing the main part of the meal, a memorable dessert is an excellent way to add extra sales to a meal. Hela Spice Canada can work with you on any product from savoury to sweet.

A few sweet choices can provide a great “restaurant meal at home” experience. We can make up samples to help processors to produce these great sweet treats in high volume quantities.

  • BBQ-ready honey bananas with a pinch of cinnamon
  • Fruit kebabs made with strawberries, kiwi fruit and bananas, marinated in a butter, lemon juice and pumpkin spice blend and ready for grilling with a chocolate fondue dip
  • Grilled pineapple discs and chunks basted with a sweet rum and butter slaze
  • Sweet BBQ spiced plantain chunks drizzled with a flavourful agave syrup – perfect for the grill

We are ready to partner with you to develop a wide range of sweet treats to finish off any meal. Our team of R&D specialists have the creativity, equipment and knowledge to help you succeed in the dessert segment.


Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.