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Organic Spices Growing More Popular Across the Globe

22 July 2022

Spices are the key to delicious and irresistible flavour. After all, no cuisine or food product is complete without a dash of spice! 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the global spice market is on a steady upwards trajectory—specifically, the organic spice market. In this article, we will explore the global demand for organic spices.

What are organic spices?

The organic spice market is still in its infancy. As specific farming practices are needed to classify a spice as “organic,” organic spice farming is restricted to countries that meet the requirements for organic certification.

If a farm wishes to be certified as organic, it typically needs to be pesticide-free for a minimum of three seasons. Furthermore, there can be no traces of pesticides in the soil. 

This means the farms must send their soil for testing regularly.

Obstacles to Organic Spice Farming

The complex organic certification process and its farming requirements are a considerable obstacle in organic spice production.

Many farmers are reluctant to make the long-term commitment that growing spices organically requires. Additionally, organic farming poses its own challenges. In traditional farming, pesticides protect crops from pests, thus creating a more reliable yield. 

In the absence of pesticides, crops are more vulnerable to pests. Therefore, farmers must commit more time and resources to keep their crops healthy and produce enough yield to meet demand. 

Simply put, this is too much risk for many farmers. As a result, all companies wanting to include organic spices in their products should be mindful of securing reliable, high-calibre organic spice suppliers.

Why is the demand for organic spices growing?

According to Global Market Insights, the global organic spice market will exceed $55 billion USD by 2027.

As of 2020, the market had already reached nearly $32 billion USD. Undeniably, the market is booming. However, what is causing this increasing demand for organic spices?

Increased Consumer Demand for Organic Options

There is, in general, growing demand for organic and sustainable options. Consumers are becoming more conscious about farming practices and production processes and how these affect the food they eat and the planet overall. 

They are making buying decisions based on their personal health, as well as planetary health. 

Many consumers now read the labels looking for non-GMO and healthy ingredients that provide great taste and well-being. Thus, the demand for organic and sustainably farmed products continues to increase and becomes more mainstream.

Rise in Veganism and Vegetarianism

We see an exploding interest in vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based products. This trend has been on a steady upward trajectory, affecting organic spice demand.

Vegetarian alternatives are adopting spices previously used solely for meat. Additionally, new plant-based products utilize spices to create exciting and delicious flavour profiles. 

Some of these spices aim to mimic meat flavours, while others focus on producing fresh and unique tastes.

Furthermore, there is an overlap between consumers who are buying plant-based and those who are buying organic. 

After all, many consumers welcome plant-based alternatives out of concern for personal and planetary health. For these buyers, organic is a natural choice.

Interest in International Cuisines and Foreign Flavours

The COVID-19 pandemic intensified consumers’ curiosity for international cuisine. After all, we couldn’t travel in the literal sense, but we could travel with our taste buds! 

This interest in exotic cuisines has fuelled the need for exotic spices.

Consumers seek traditional spice blends to achieve the flavour profiles of foreign places. As a result, there is an increased demand for new and exciting spices previously ignored by many in North America and Europe.

Immigration also contributes to the rising demand for international spice blends. Once individuals and families immigrate to North America and Europe, they still want to use their traditional spices.

Booming Snack and Convenience Food Market

Snacks, convenience foods, and ready-to-go meals are on the rise. However, consumers still want to maintain their nutritional values in spite of their busy lifestyles. 

This contributes to the increased demand for organic spices, which are used to create healthy and delicious convenience foods.

In fact, according to Global Market Insights, the organic spice market for snacks and convenience foods will surpass $11.5 billion USD by 2027.

The use of organic spices in food development will only increase. Hela Spice can help you make the most of this growing trend.

Organic Spices Around the World

North America

Due to a number of factors, the North American organic spice market is expected to surpass $15 billion USD by 2027. 

For one, beneficial government regulations and initiatives are designed to support organic farming. This makes it easier and more appealing for farmers to adopt natural and organic practices.

North Americans are also stoking the demand for convenient and ready-to-go foods. Consumers want healthy options to fuel them through their busy days. 

Additionally, immigration and interest in ethnic cuisines contribute to organic spice demand.


Europe is a significant importer of herbs and spices. Europe was responsible for 26% of herb and spice imports in 2020 (according to the Centre for the Promotion of Imports).

Like North Americans, Europeans demand healthier food choices, particularly organic ones. 

Fortune Business Insights found that Germany’s organic food market grew by 20% in 2020! The same trend is mirrored in Europe’s ethnic food industry, with consumers wanting healthier versions of traditional products.


The Asian-Pacific market is expected to grow significantly. In 2020, this market surpassed $14 billion USD. 

This makes sense as the countries in this region are already some of the largest spice producers and consumers.

Consumers are also becoming more aware of the negative health consequences associated with chemicals, pesticides, and additives. Consequently, they are beginning to demand organic and pesticide-free alternatives. 

Organic Spice Blends With Hela Spice

Hela Spice is an industry leader in the art and science of spice blends We understand how to blend spices and seasoning to produce the perfect signature taste for your creations. 

As the demand for organic spices increases, we are here to help you incorporate organic ingredients into your products.

To learn more about our custom spice blends, visit us at www.helaspice.com or contact us here.

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