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12 Herbs and Spices That Season Fish to Perfection

16 May 2023

Fish is an excellent choice for any menu since it has a quick cook time and is super nutritious. When searching for new methods to flavour your fish dishes, plenty of spices and herbs are available to elevate the flavours.

Many provide a mild taste without overpowering the plate, while others create an exciting punch. In this article, we offer you a list of herbs and spice ingredients that are great for fish processing.

Herbs and Spices That Are Perfect to Season Fish

There are many ways to describe fish, including everything from delicate and sweet tasting to muddy or strong.

However, fish dishes come alive when adding herbs to the recipe. Each flavour listed below enhances the natural taste of fish. They are frequently used with other herbs or spices or by themselves.

1. Basil

Basil comes from the mint family and is a culinary herb. It is perfect to use for fish. If you want to elevate your dish, then incorporate different herb varieties, as taste can vary between holy basil, sweet basil, and Thai basil.

Basil is great when used for grilled lemon-basil halibut, basil-rosemary grilled trout, and basil and lime tilapia.

2. Sage

Sage pairs well with fish, providing an earthy, aromatic flavour. It must be used sparingly in your dish, as it may overpower the taste.

Freezing or cooking sage can increase its intensity. This herb is perfect for baked stuffed fish fillets.

3. Ginger

Ginger provides a pungent, aromatic, and slightly tangy flavour to a dish. Chefs can steam fish with ginger, use scallions, and add soy sauce to create Asian-inspired mains.

For more straightforward dishes to add to your menu, try putting tomatoes and ginger in your fish stew for a hearty winter dish.

4. Turmeric

Like ginger, turmeric provides warm, rich, and aromatic flavours to a dish with a vibrant orange-yellow colour. While ground turmeric is often used in cooking, you can utilize a fresh turmeric root in your dishes.

The method of using it is the same as fresh ginger. You can smash or grate it using a pestle and mortar. Then, add it to stews, sauces, and curries.

5. Dill

When used with fish, dill is a basic herbal pairing and will enhance the flavour. Dill has some great functions when incorporated into fish. Chefs can sprinkle dill over a grilled salmon. You can knead this herb into butter, then melt it over fish fillets or use dry dill as a lemon sauce flavouring.

Dill seed provides a pungent, clean flavour. Chefs can sprinkle it over a casserole or in broiled seafood. Some of the best dishes to use dill include mahi-mahi fillet with a lemon-dill sauce, tilapia with sour cream and dill, and grilled dill-lemon salmon fillets.

6. Parsley

This green, earthy, clean, juicy, yet slightly peppery herb balances a fish dish. It garnishes foods or is sprinkled over them to add colour. It works well when combined with lemon or placed in a butter sauce.

Parsley grows quickly indoors, so you can provide patrons with fresh parsley to brighten their dishes during winter. Parsley provides a great garnish on top of fish and can go into specific recipes like fish à la meunière. Use parsley in Spanish paprika fish and broiled rainbow trout with lemon parsley for a delicious dish.

7. Bay leaves

As a member of the laurel family, its scent pairs perfectly with delicate fish like tilapia and cod and is perfect in Spanish paprika fish. Bay leaves are helpful in flavouring fish soups and chowders. Chefs can never go wrong when incorporating bay leaves into their recipes.

8. Cumin

Cumin has an earthy, warm, and sweet bitterness to it. Chefs frequently incorporate it into Mexican, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Consider adding it to paprika, thyme, and lemon pepper for a spice rub when used with fish.

Use it before pan-frying your fish fillets. It also pairs well with garlic, chilli, and coriander.

9. Mint

A little bit of mint can enhance any fish recipe. It will cut through dishes that contain rich flavours, providing a nice tang. Chefs should use this sparingly in their dishes, as it may become overpowering.

10. Marjoram

Marjoram provides a savoury and sweet taste to a recipe. Some consider it a lesser aggressive oregano form. While it is classified in the mint family as an herb, many people state it contains a combination of citrus and sweet pine taste.

This herb grows wild in Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey.

11. Tarragon

Used as a staple in French cuisine, people are now drawn to its deliciousness in food. Tarragon is great in herbed-baked fish fillet with a tarragon walnut brown butter sauce.

There are three main types of this herb: Russian, French, and Mexican. French tarragon contains a delicate, sweet, and mild taste. Russian tarragon is increasingly pungent and more robust.

Tarragon can taste like licorice while providing a cooling, but warm taste. It is best added to a sauce poured over fish dressings (especially salmon) in a seafood salad or fish pies. Some tarragon can have a certain intensity, so chefs should use it sparingly in their cuisine.

12. Rosemary

Rosemary is fragrant and beautiful when used in fish, and tastes great used to season salmon on a plank.

It is also very versatile in cooking. Rosemary can be used either dried or fresh. However, experts recommend fresh rosemary to provide more of a citrus flavour.

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