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How to Identify the Right Ingredients and Flavours for Your Next Food Product

18 April 2022

A lot goes into making a best-selling food product. Between coming up with the concept and distributing the end result, you need to develop a product that will excite consumers. By partnering with an expert in food research and development like Hela Spice, your product will be a sensation of flavour, taste, and be a pure sensory delight.

It’s no secret that your product needs to have a winning flavour profile, but where to start? Will you recreate a classic flavour, or boldly set out to craft your own signature creation? It’s essential to identify the perfect ingredients that will deliver a flavour and experience that your customers won’t be able to get enough of.

To determine what your food product needs, think about how different flavours interplay, what will entice your customer base, and what makes the most financial sense. And, of course, it’s always a good idea to reach out to experts like those at Hela Spice!

Make a Plan

The first step in determining the right ingredients and flavours is simply to have a clear idea about what kind of product you want to produce. What is your target market? Where is it? Who is your ideal customer? You need to understand the taste buds of your target audience. Consider the flavours, textures, and nutritional content that are most important to them. This will help you determine the ingredients that will become the foundation of your new food product.

Flavour Pairing

It’s unlikely that your food product will have only one flavour. Even in simple products, there is usually an interplay of different flavours coming from the various ingredients. This creates a unique signature flavour that is representative of your brand. Therefore, it is important to consider how these flavours will mix within your creation.

There are three general principles when it comes to flavour matching. The first is similarity. This is when similar flavour profiles are combined. The second is contrast, which is the combination of flavours that are different from each other. The third is synergy or emergence. With synergy, the varying flavour profiles harmonize to create a new flavour experience.

Different regions and cultures may prefer one form of flavour matching over another. For example, Indian cooking favours the contrast method, while Western cuisine usually involves combining similar flavours.

Food Pairing

When choosing the ingredients for your new food product, it’s important to think about more than just the interplay of different flavours. You should also bear in mind how the textures, aromas, and other aspects of the ingredients will go together. You want the combination of all these different elements to excite consumers and leave them wanting more. What type of experience are you creating?

High Quality

Opting for high-quality options whenever possible is the best way of setting your food product up for success. This is essential through every step of the food development process. From choosing your food developer to deciding on ingredients, deciding to invest in high quality over cheaper options will elevate the final result.


Cost-effectiveness is something to think about when looking for ingredients. Not only should you consider the cost of the actual ingredient, but also its versatility. Can this ingredient be used for multiple products? How many uses are there for this ingredient? Is the price of the product stable, or will you have to pay more for it down the road?

Consider Organic

The demand for organic food has been increasing every year. Opting for organic ingredients will make your new food product appealing to this booming market. Switching to organic has the potential to expand your market share and attract new customers. The downside is that these materials can be difficult to source.

Hire a Food Broker

Food brokers have the industry knowledge and familiarity with ingredients to help you both determine and source the right materials. Some brokers specialize in a certain category of ingredients (such as organic). This means they can identify nuances in quality and select the best source. Because of their expertise, food brokers can be invaluable in determining what materials will be best suited for your product.

Hela Spice: Experts in Food Development

At Hela Spice, we combine culinary excellence, consumer insight, and cutting-edge technology to create best-selling food products. We understand how to transform ingredients to achieve the perfect taste for your target market and stay ahead of your customers’ ever-changing desires. With our extensive culinary and food technology expertise, we develop your concept into a signature creation!

To help you identify the right ingredients and flavours for your product, we look to our food researchers and culinary experts. From there, our research and development team can devise a customized product solution that will satisfy your customers’ own unique taste buds. For your next best-selling food product, partner with Hela Spice!

To learn more about food research and product development, visit Hela Spice at www.helaspice.com or contact us here.

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