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We Have the Products, R&D and Creative Ideas to Assist Baking Companies
Fall 2023


The baked good category has been dealing with a very tumultuous period. Rapidly changing consumer demands, ingredient price fluctuations, increased government review of products, consolidations of companies and lack of clearly defined strategies for overall business success. Gluten-free has changed from a fad to a stable market segment. Consumers are looking for natural or organic products but are reluctant to pay a high price for it.

It’s a difficult time and many bakers have understandably followed a very conservative business model of reducing costs and streamlining product offerings. We understand this at Hela Spice and have taken many steps to assist the baked goods industry in these areas with new ingredients, aggressive cost reductions on products that we offer flexibility in ordering and concepts.

However, we are studying the global marketplace and we can see that there is a new wave of creativity starting to build. These new products are taking baked goods into new areas like higher protein, mineral enriched, nutritional snacking foods, cultural favourites and innovative flavours. We are ready to help.

Baked good category


Hela Spice is well known for our service, speed, accuracy and creativity. We are able to rapidly apply these qualities to any project that arises. In addition, our purchasing team has also applied creativity, urgency and passion, to secure traditional and emerging ingredients at very competitive pricing and in consistent supply. For most traditional ingredients that bakeries are using, we can help.

We also have a broad range of spices, flavours and sweeteners available to satisfy the existing requirements of most bakeries. It’s also in this area where our R&D team can assist our customers with exciting tweaks to products or helping to create new products that will delight consumers using innovative concepts and ingredients that are sure to bring positive attention to baked goods.

Our R&D team has experience and capabilities to assist in the following product categories:

  • All types of breads
  • Biscuits, crackers and wafers
  • Pastas
  • Frozen doughs
  • Pizza Shells
  • Cakes
  • Donuts
  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Tortillas and Taco Shells

Our team of specialists can assist in any baked goods projects you may have.

Hela Spice Help Baked Good


Consumers are still looking for traditional, they also want things fresh tasting and easy to prepare, slice and serve. To assist our customers in meeting these goals, we have secured ingredients that will allow bakeries to meet these consumer wants and still be at a competitive price.

Hela Spice has a wide range of baked good ingredients and can meet most bakeries needs and requirements in regular and organic (where possible);

  • Spices, seasonings and flavours in sweet and savoury categories
  • Vegetable proteins
    • Wheat proteins and glutens
    • Soy proteins
    • Pea proteins
    • Barley proteins
  • Cultured wheat flour
  • Encapsulated acids – sorbic, citric and malic
  • Powdered lactic acid
  • Acerola extracts (that are rich in Vitamin C and able to replace Ascorbic Acid)
  • Sourdough cultures
  • Functional tapioca fiber
  • Lecithin
  • Enzymes
  • Emulsifiers

We can produce functional systems, mixes and bases

… and of course, ready-to-use seasoning and flavour blends in both savoury and sweet!

Smart Creativity Baked Good


While a lot of bakeries are cautious about new product development and launches, we think this is a great time for smart creation. Time to develop products that have easy to recognize value and that fill a consumer’s need that presently exists.

We are again taking our abilities to adapt both popular and complex flavours and our abilities to create textures to develop a broad line of BBQ-ready vegetable products. These products all meet the latest trends of culinary exploration along with the ever- growing non-meat category.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

  • Canada has a great wealth of excellent ingredients ranging from flours, grains and seeds all the way to sweeteners and fruits that are found nowhere else in the world

Up-Cycled Ingredients

  • Baked goods are great place to use upcycled ingredients. Using these highquality ingredients for great flavour and colour and that also offer substantial greenhouse gas benefits is a win-win for the consumer, processor and the world

Baked Goods with Healthy Advantages

  • Clean Label, Organic or Canadian Natural
  • Vegetable proteins added and ancient grains such as amaranth,
    buckwheat, farro, kamut, cassava, teff, yucca, millet, lentils and purple corn
  • Gluten free blends for breads, batters and breadings
  • Reduced sodium, sugar and fat, but full of flavour, baked good products

Hela Spice Bbq Breads


How do you have a great BBQ without delicious and memorable bread products? You need buns for burgers, hot dogs and sausages, to scoop up sauces and flavoured butters and as a calming counterpoint to all the strong flavours that are happening everywhere else on the menu. Our creative group of R&D specialists have been developing excellent flavoured bread products for well over 20 years and have excellent ideas on how to use the latest trends to create fun and novel baked goods.

How about trying these ideas?

  • Flavoured buns – a growing trend of completing a burger or sausage with delicious visuals and flavours
    • Steak spice and dark ale buns
    • Horseradish flavoured buns
    • Double hickory smoked buns
    • Wasabi buns (not for the faint of heart)
    • Spice mustard and relish sausage buns
    • Spicy jerk
  • Flavoured breads – a strong trend in Asia and growing in North America. The breads can be spicy or sweet, with visuals or without, but need to deliver on their name
    • Butter buffalo wing sauce bread
    • Brown sugar, molasses and apple bread
    • Ghost pepper and cane sugar corn bread
    • Honey and garlic bread
    • Roasted red pepper and oregano bread

Hela Spice has the capability and experience to develop many more exciting concepts to delight your customers.

Experienced and capable R&D team product


Where do you need assistance? Our experienced and capable R&D team are ready to work with your company to bring your ideas into reality. Whether it is to reduce cost, try out new flavours, create gluten-free products, add to existing product lines, whatever you need, we have the technical knowledge, ingredients and equipment to bring concepts into reality.

Typical Product Development Process

  1. Project Goals – Marketing requirements, target pricing
  2. Functional Properties – Protein matrix
  3. Available equipment – Plant equipment to produce product
  4. Ingredient constraints – Allergens, natural, organics
  5. Project Timeframes – Sampling time, start of production date
  6. Initial Samples – Hela produce for concept review
  7. Revised Samples – Adjustments to initial samples
  8. Approval – Customer authorization to proceed
  9. Nutritional – Hela develops nutritional makeup of final product and blended unit
  10. Ingredient Declaration – Hela develops ingredient list
  11. Production Quotes – Finalized pricing established and ready to launch

Our New Product Development Process


  • R&D Team experienced in many different product categories
  • Ability to create products based on customers’ ideas
  • Ability to bring new product ideas and fully developed concepts for customer review
  • Real plant production experience that enables Hela Spice to create an easy to produce system of blends and raw materials including processing instructions, to make processing simple for companies
  • We can adapt procedures to best utilize available plant processing equipment

Hela Spice’s


Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.