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Flexitarian Vegetarian Vegan Meals

The Emerging Trend For 2019

The consumer marketplace is speaking and to be successful, companies are going to have to listen. Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan offerings are exploding on to the marketplace and being accepted by the mainstream consumer. What is exciting is that we are talking about blended meat and vegetable entrees, full vegan snack foods, vegan deli products, vegan dairy style products, complete vegetable and grain based patties and more. The artificial constraints have been removed and it’s time to enjoy the creative opportunities.

Hela Spice Canada has a broad range of experience working in these areas and would be glad to develop custom products that will delight your consumers:

  • any protein or protein blend
  • creative global product concepts
  • innovative tastes and visuals
  • fruit and vegetable inclusions
  • dried plant protein based snacks

We have the capabilities to assist your company in achieving sales in these emerging areas.

Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan meals

Flexitarian Products

Flexitarian products were launched into the marketplace over 10 years ago. They have a great track record of sales and consumer acceptance, when done right. Hela Spice Canada has gained a superior level of experience in developing a wide range of plant and meat protein based products that offer great visuals, flavour and texture including emulsified, coarse ground, shredded, chopped and formed texture.

Use our experience with these products to help you get to market faster and meet your goals. Depending on the plant protein used, many of these products can be produced allergen free, as well. How about these types of products:

  • Fully dried pepperoni style flexitarian alternative. Has all the taste and texture any consumer could want.
  • Smoked and dinner style vegan or vegetarian sausages, developed at same fat levels, full flavour and texture
  • A plant protein based beef, pork or chicken style blend, perfect alternative for all those ground meat home cooking situations like tacos, meat loaves, pies or pizza toppings
Smoked vegan sausages
Plant protein based meat style blend

Meat and Grain, Seed and Vegetable Combinations

You don’t need to be limited to just using plant based proteins. A great way to add consumer value to blended products is to use exciting grains, seeds and highly visible vegetables – flavour, texture and nutrition all wrapped up in a healthy and delicious product.

Here are some interesting product ideas that are sure to add excitement to traditional products.

  • Chicken nuggets containing fire roasted vegetables and pea fibre in a gluten free breading
  • Pork based patty combined with onions, red pepper, potato and veggie bacon pieces – all blended together with a steel cut oatmeal matrix to create full flavour, texture and fibre
  • Prime rib beef burger, blended with chunks of grilled onions and fried mushrooms and Canadian grown red lentils
  • Smoked Italian sausage filled with delicious vegetables like red pepper, onion, zucchini and olives – all of that goodness combined with a healthy cooked quinoa blend

Let Hela Spice Canada’s R&D team help you create a product that stands out for your customers.

Veggie burger
Plant-based chicken-style nuggets

Plant-based Entrées for Dinner

Some of the latest consumer surveys are showing that over 50% of average consumers want to reduce their meat consumption. The opportunity is to provide consumers with vegan or flexitarian offerings that allow them to have the same or better eating experiences. Hela Spice Canada is at the forefront of this technology and has the ingredients to provide the products that are sure to be popular now and in the future.

The technical solutions range from traditional and extremely functional soy based technology to emerging plant protein technologies based on novel vegetables to achieve the end products that consumers want. We have even developed a line of non-meat products based on dairy ingredients. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

  • Braunschweiger style spreadable sausage made in a vegetarian format
  • Vietnamese style vegetarian pot roast with pickled coleslaw, radish and carrots
  • Traditional brown sugar and honey ham made with cured ham pieces and a vegetable protein emulsion
  • Chicken and vegetable protein blends, formed like chicken breasts, golden outside and lightly flavoured with a delicious rotisserie taste
  • Formed steak made from chunks of prime rib beef held together with a delicious prime rib flavoured textured vegetable matrix
Plant-based teewurst-style sausage
Plant-based pulled-pork-style sandwiches

Fruit & Vegetables Everywhere, Even for Snacking

One of the fastest growing segments in the food industry is the whole snack food range of products. Snack foods allow a company to be extremely creative and the only rules are that the product has to taste great and be hand held. Hela Spice Canada is ready to develop snacks based on your ideas or we can provide concepts that would be exciting additions to this growing trend.

We have a wide range of capabilities and technology to develop products that fulfill consumer cravings. We can also assist from the conceptual development of ideas all the way to test market.

How about one of these great ideas:

  • Blended plant and meat based protein loaf with loads of vegetables
  • Salami style twists taking the best of a dry cured sausage, blended with vegetable protein, chunky fried onions and garlic pieces
  • Dried snack sticks containing green apple or sour cherry pieces blended with ancient grains
  • Plant based rotisserie flavoured chicken style chips
Plant and meat based protein loaf
Dried snack sticks

Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.