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Bacon is one of those delights that makes no pretense, it’s just bacon. Most of us have grown up eating bacon in its traditional forms, but rather than get bored with it, bacon still remains one of our favourite staples. Our team of creative food development specialists have taken a look at traditional North American bacon products and have come up with new and exciting ways to enjoy this product with increased consumption opportunities.

The Hela Spice R&D Team, really wanted to get creative and imagine new ways to enjoy bacon. Concepts encompassing snacking opportunities, to great flavour enhanced versions, innovative main course delights and even venturing into sweet bacon desserts. Of course, at Hela Spice we don’t leave vegan consumers behind and be assured that we have developed this range of bacon style products, where we can produce them in a vegan form that will delight even the most discerning consumer.

So come and journey with us and explore what we can do with bacon.


Snacks are a great way to enjoy bacon. We have explored the many ways people snack and have developed a wide range of delicious, convenient, cost-effective and attractive bacon products that are sure to attract attention from consumers!

Bacon Chips

Imagine being able to consume bacon in the same way people consume potato chips right now? The Hela Spice R&D Team has a method of converting broken bacon ends or seconds into a dry, shelf stable chip that offers the full flavour and enjoyment of eating bacon, but in a convenient, shelf stable format. What is great about this format, is that it allows processors to add delicious topical seasonings that offer consumers an enhanced eating experience.

Bacon Jerky

How about a shelf stable, chewy bacon strip, that can be enjoyed anywhere? Hela Spice has the technology to help companies produce this. As well, we have delicious seasoning blends that can be dusted on for a distinctive touch.

Bacon Bites

Delicious little dried cubes of bacon. Dusted in seasonings and perfect for quick snacks on the run. Our team has produced samples and would be able to adapt them for your specific needs.


So, you might not want to take the big step into making snack products, but there are still ways to innovate and attract new customers with your existin sliced bacon or back bacon products.
Take things up a notch with the addition of exciting and attractive flavoure bacons. Hela has a long history of developing innovative and delicious flavoured bacons in everything from bright citrus to smoky sweet and all th way to robust adult-focused alcohol flavours, that really deliver on their name. Our team of expert product developers are ready to assist your company in developing the next wave of flavoured bacon.

Bright and Flavourful

  • A delicious honey apricot bacon
  • Orange zest and pomegranate is sure to delight
  • Rosemary and apple cider
  • A rich grilled peach and toffee

Sweet and Smoky

  • A hickory smoked caramel
  • Smoked cane sugar and black garlic
  • Black, pink and green peppercorn with applewood smoked honey

Let’s add some real alcohol to the mix

  • Robust Apple and Porter Ale
  • A true Honey Bourbon bacon for connoisseurs
  • Spicy Chipotle Tequila

… and many more exciting concepts available.


Bacon is already being used as a delicious topping on a wide variety of products. At Hela Spice, we think the timing is right to explore new flavoured bacon toppings. Toppings that can be made and paired with products where bacon can add its distinctive flavour. All to provide an improved eating experience that will provide repeat business.

  • Creating a traditional diced Guanciale, with a hearty black pepper crust to provide that stamp of authenticity.
  • How about a honeyed bacon crumble used as an exciting accent in a traditional Salt and pepper Pork Sausage?
  • Take the traditional pizza bacon crumble up a step by adding a delicious red wine flavour to it.
  • Or combine two great flavours into one product by creating a cheddar cheese flavoured bacon crumble and adding it to a hearty multigrain hamburger roll.
  • A must try apple, cinnamon and ginger flavoured bacon crumble that can be added to, for example, a butternut squash soup

Hela Spice has the capability and experience to develop many more exciting concepts to entice your customers.


Bacon has never really been the focus of many main courses at family dinner time. It always seems to be targeted at breakfast, sandwiches for lunch or toppings and accents for dinner. We went back to re-conceptualize bacon and searched the world for ideas and re-imagined bacon as a delicious protein component for a main meal. We are looking at everything from flavoured and marinated back bacon (perfect for slicing) to bacon burgers and finally, bacon steaks (perfect for grilling).

How about trying some of these delicious bacon entrée ideas?

Bacon Entrees

  • Zesty BBQ flavoured bacon burgers made from coiled bellies, sliced into patties. Think pancetta, but better.
  • How about stuffed bacon steaks? A traditional product in Europe that can be re-imagined and flavoured for the North American market.
  • A cost-effective ground bacon trim hickory honey glazed meatloaf

…and many more great ideas we can work together on.


The creative team at Hela Spice went outside the box to imagine and develop memorable bacon-focused desserts that surely expand the opportunities where consumers can enjoy bacon. 

Dipped Candied Bacon Sticks – a hand held delight 

  • Chocolate and salted caramel
  • Maple walnut
  • Candied orange honey

Bacon Frozen Treats

  • Imagine a rocky road ice cream with the addition of a meatless brown sugar and cinnamon flavoured bacon bit
  • How about an adult-targeted frozen chocolate ice cream cone, topped with candied meatless bacon pieces

Muffins and Cakes – Savoury and Sweet

  • A mouth watering raspberry, white chocolate and bacon flavoured cheese cake
  • Brown sugar, bacon and pumpkin spice muffin
  • How about a pumpkin pie with apple flavour infused bacon pieces

… and many more exciting concepts available.


  • R&D Team experienced in many different product categories
  • Ability to create products based on customers’ ideas
  • Ability to bring new product ideas and fully developed concepts for review
  • Real plant production experience that enables Hela Spice Canada to create an easy to produce system of blends and raw materials including processing instructions, to make processing simple for companies
  • We can adapt procedures to best utilize available plant processing equipment

Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.