What We Do

Our main activity is the design and formulation of custom blends, spice mixtures and seasoning blends for the meat, poultry, vegetarian, bakery and other sectors of the food industry. For more information, visit our Hela for Industry section.

Technical assistance is provided by highly trained and professional food industry experts. We have an on-site, up-to-date meat pilot plant, a food chemistry laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and blending facilities to compliment the nature of our service in the industry. We assist all customers through courses offered in meat technology, food ingredients, food chemistry and microbiology of spices.

Although our forte is in custom blending, we have expanded our services to include specialized ingredients such as textured soy protein, textured pea protein, textured wheat protein and natural preservatives to mention a few. We also provide assistance and technical support in all aspects for every ingredient we sell.

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