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Work-from-home, Covid, cost of groceries, lack of experience, busy schedules, single person households, or for many other reasons, consumers have embraced several new meal preparation and delivery options that 5 years ago, were considered outlier meal sources. Today, restaurant meal delivery services, pre-portioned full meal kits, and grocery delivery services, have all been generally adopted and recognized for the convenience they offer. Convenient prepared meals are a strong growth market to examine for any company looking to improve sales and profits.

We have looked at this new macro trend of meal convenience and consumer’s willingness to pay for it. The creative team at Hela Spice has looked at the trends and has re-imagined the prepared meal market in a way that allows traditional meat and food processors a way to capture their fair share of this highly lucrative market.

Traditional frozen dinners just won’t meet all the needs of today’s consumers. From fresh refrigerated meal kits to fully frozen entrées, we have the knowledge, creativity and flavours, to allow a company to capture market share in this rapidly expanding category.

Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken


How can you take a traditional frozen dinner and bring it up to what consumer’s are looking for today? Re-invent the experience with different concepts that appeal to how consumers want to eat today and offer them the convenience of easy preparation. Along with the easy cooking, you also must provide great eating attributes and flavour excitement, combined with nutrition and many different eating occasions.

Frozen Full Breakfasts

A quick, nutritious, tasty and filling breakfast offering, is a convenient and easy way to start your busy day. Hela Spice has the concepts for the most important meal of the day. How about a meal centered on our Chiffles (chicken waffles) and Poofles(pork waffles) concepts? Maybe a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich with a croissant, omelet and tangy fried minced ham slice?

Quick Lunches

With so many people working from home and no set break times, slipping away to eat lunch, has become very difficult. Quick serve sandwich kits, fast flavourful microwaveable meals or delicious soups or stews are the next level of taste and innovation that can drive interest and sales. Why not try a warm ‘Nduja, provolone and olive pesto filled crusty Ciabatta roll, a serving of Bangkok style drunken noodles or a West African chicken stew full of sweet potato, tomato, beans, ginger and peanuts?

Delicious Dinners

Let’s take the traditional restaurant meal and bring it home. We have conceived some interesting dinner concepts that will make a simple, quick and delicious meal.How about a complete pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, glazed in a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, ready for the microwave? Or a beautiful beef roast bringing all the appearance and flavour of a prime rib, made quick and easy in the oven or microwave?

Drunken noodles
Ham and egg croissant


Consumers are looking for delicious meat alternative whole meals. Hela Spice has re-imagined what is presently being offered and has created a full line of delicious, healthy and nutritious vegetarian meals. We have also found ways to make them simple to prepare and enjoy.

Consider this list of traditional meals, reformulated and developed to replace meats with healthy and simple to use vegan ingredients.


Simple favourite comfort food made better with great flavours, vegetable inclusions and a wide range of possible top sauces. Sell it fully cooked and microwave-ready, perfect for the whole family. It can be made using a wide range of vegetable protein sources or blends.


Deep-fried rice balls, stuffed with various types of blends, but traditionally a combination of a zesty meat style sauce with peas, dried vegan prosciutto, some vegan mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and dried capers.

Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is a traditional favourite for Canadian families looking for a tasty and filling meal. At Hela Spice, we have made a vegan version that is so delicious, it may become a preferred option. We can also do the same for a Tourtiere.

Veggie Fajitas

Normally when a consumer gets veggie fajitas it’s a mess of red and green peppers, some onions and some cheese. We have already developed vegan chicken and beef style strips, plus a wonderful melting Cotija vegan cheese. We can assist you with all the flavour, nutrition and expertise of a meatbased product, but make it vegan for those who want it.

Pot Pie


One great thing about refrigerated meals is that they offer the processor the ability to take advantage of fresh ingredients. These fresh ingredients can take an average meal and make it special. This is where the team of marketing and product developers at Hela Spice can take advantage of the latest food trends and assist food companies to realistically create a more complete restaurant eating experience at home. 

We again are taking our abilities to adapt popular and complex dishes to allow them to be mass produced and offer similar restaurant eating experiences.

Mongolian Beef with Sticky Rice

A truly popular sit-down dish, that would be just as popular at home. A crispy and yet sticky fried beef strip, mixed with red chili peppers, green onion pieces, ginger and soy sauce. It is traditionally served with steamed rice or even noodles at some restaurants. Simple, delicious and visually appealing. The ability to add fresh refrigerated toppings is what makes this a special treat.

Memphis Style BBQ Ribs with Beans and Coleslaw

Ribs are such a difficult product to make at home. We want the consumer to be able to have the full restaurant eating occasion, simply, at home. Delicious, fully cooked ribs in a dry rub that has just the right amount of heat to balance the sweet. Supplied with a traditional Memphis style BBQ sauce, spicy black beans and a very special mustard coleslaw.

Chicken Teriyaki Poke Bowl

A traditional Hawaiian meal, normally made with raw fish, but to expand on its market segment we have developed a version with teriyaki chicken. The kit would include all the extras like cooked brown rice, mango and pineapple chunks, diced sugar snap peas, shaved lettuce and red cabbage, radish slices, cooked edamame beans and green onion dices. The meal would also include a spice sriracha mayo and soy sauce.

Mongolian beef with sticky rice
Memphis style BBQ ribs


How do you offer a family a great meal that is special? It needs to appeal to everyone and being simple to prepare is a bonus. Plus, as a processor how do you add that little something that makes it distinctive? Hela Spice can help processors create full meal kits that answer these questions and take advantage of this growing segment targeting today’s busy families.

How about these simple and popular family meal ideas?

Fajita Meal

A Tex Mex favourite with the ability to simply satisfy the whole family. A full kit with beef and chicken strips, corn meal tortillas, toppings and sides of Mexican rice with spicy black beans.

Smashed Burger Meal Kit

Take advantage of the latest trends by providing the meal base of burgers supplied in ball shapes that allow the consumer flatten them while they are on the griddle. Add sides like quality frozen rough cut French fries, frozen fried onions, bacon slices, smoked cheese slices and even specialty mustards and relishes

Lemon Chicken Scallopini

Delicious, healthy and great for the whole family. Flattened and fried chicken breasts served with a sauce made from lemon juice, capers, onions, parsley and a hint of white wine flavour. Add to this some seasoned green beans, a side dish of polenta and a loaf of garlic bread to complete a hearty and flavourful meal.

Smashed burger meal kit
Veggie fajitas


  • R&D Team experienced in many different product categories
  • Ability to create products based on customers’ ideas
  • Ability to bring new product ideas and fully developed concepts for customer review
  • Real plant production experience that enables Hela Spice to create an easy to produce system of blends and raw materials including processing instructions, to make processing simple for companies
  • We can adapt procedures to best utilize available plant processing equipment

Have a product idea? Tell us all about it and your search for the perfect ingredients. Find it all at Hela Spice. Let’s talk about your next best-seller.