With the explosion of interest in vegetarian products and meat analogues into the mainstream consumer marketplace, Hela Spice Canada can be your go-to source for expertise in this category.

Hela Spice Canada has been immersed in the vegetarian food marketplace for over 25 years and has experience working with a wide range of protein sources like soy, wheat, pea, faba, hemp, sweet potato, chick pea, lentil, rice and blended protein based products.

We have extensive experience in creating a wide range of meat analogues. We have created everything - hot dogs, deli meats, patties, balls, roasts, formed chops, steaks and filets. We are experienced in creating nuanced meat, poultry and seafood flavours, colours and textures.

We are also experienced in producing straight vegetable style products.  We are here to help you capture your share of the marketplace. We just don’t sell companies the materials and let them struggle!  

At Hela Spice Canada, with our complete processing experience, we can also show you how to produce these products in your facility using the equipment that you have. We can adjust recipes and processes to suit.  

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